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Goes Nowhere, Does Nothing
Well, that was pretty boneheaded of me. 
2009.01.10 11:06 pm
So, a few months back, one of my unix shell accounts underwent a server migration... and, apparently, I totally failed to reconfigure the mail-forwarding from it to my primary email. I only realized this a few minutes ago, when a friend informed me that they got a "this dude's mailbox is full" bounce message.


Since the mailspool in question had accumulated several thousand messages, 97% of which were spam, I just said "ah, screw it" and deleted all of them. So, if you've sent me email at a gweep.net account (any server) or my twilightsun.com address since October or so, I didn't see it. (If you sent it to a gmail account, you're fine.)

It's fixed now, so any address you have for me in your address books should be functional again.
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