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Goes Nowhere, Does Nothing
Récits d'un couple heureux à Montréal: Quatrième partie 
2007.10.27 07:57 pm

Not really all that much to say about dinner last night... it was fairly straightforward (for once). We took the Metro to Jean-Talon and went to a Lebanese place (Daou) that had caught Anne's eye in the guidebook and online. It was pricey but extremely good. (Mmmmmm... falafel.) The only hitch was that they didn't seem to grasp that the appetizer sampler was her entree, and the plate full o' meat was all mine, so the timing of the food's arrival was a bit off. Still, we worked it out, and it was yummy.

Well, we didn't draw good weather for our last full day in Montreal (not that we can complain much, it's been gorgeous on balance). It's been grey and damp and rainy and blustery and yuck. But, armed with our loaner umbrellas and a fair amount of stubbornness, we ventured out anyway. We made a return trip to Olive & Gourmando (where we spent waaaaay too much on outstanding pastries -- Anne's comment upon leaving was "I may never want to eat food again"), and then wandered over to the vicinity of Rues Laurier and St-Denis for a little window shopping.

It turns out that the "shopping districts" don't really cater to us, since we're not the sort to pop in and out of shops all day long -- well, unless they're geek stores (books, games, etc.), which these weren't. But we did make a couple of stops, and despite getting very damp indeed, we had quite a bit of fun traipsing about and avoiding the puddles. At about 3 o'clock, we decided to stop back at the hotel to dry off for a bit before venturing out again for dinner.

For the final dinner of our vacation, we ventured out to Namur station, and hit an Indian restaurant recommended to me by an ex-coworker from Montreal. (Tim Mackey, for you ex-Event Zero people.) Pushap Sweets is a little hole-in-the-wall next to autoroute 15 and not far from one of those sprawling shopping centers, with a Wal*Mart and several big box stores. (Actually, they've opened a couple of other locations, but this one's the original.) Inside, the decor is kind of a thrown-together mishmosh of Indian stuff -- nothing to write home about. Also, the experience can be a little confusing at first -- it wasn't clear whether we were supposed to seat ourselves, and we had to specifically ask for menus (I guess most of the regulars just know what they want).

But, oh lordy, the food.

Their specialty (and daily special) is a plate of two veggie curries (they're all-vegetarian) and accompanying raita and bread, but we decided to go for one of the combo plates that included appetizers, chai and dessert. The samosas were great, but the pakoras outshined them -- they were fluffy and tasty and by far the best I've ever had. The entrees were chana masala (I'm a sucker for that dish), veggie curry (which I wolfed down, odd since I don't usually go for that in restaurants), and a somewhat different take on shahi panir (the cheese was crumbled up and the flavor wasn't quite the usual Boston-suburb fare) that Anne was absolutely wild about. The poori and paratha were tasty, and the chai excellent. Dessert was included, and a moral imperative. (Pushap started out as an Indian dessert shop and expanded into full meal service, I'm told.) The only problem was that we had absolutely no idea what to order, so Anne told the waitress to surprise us. We ended up with two dishes. One was something sort of like Gulab Jamun, only split lengthwise and with some kind of cream/spread in the middle. The other was... it was...

It was green.

But it was good. (Anne was fairly certain there was coconut in there somewhere.)

Then came the embarrassing part. We realized too late that they didn't take credit cards, and we had under $5 in Canadian cash left (we've been trying to use it up). We took turns trying to locate the ATM that was allegedly next door, before we finally discovered to our chagrin that it was out of money. I ended up sheepishly asking if he'd take U.S. currency, and was told it was no problem (but I still felt pretty lame).

Oh, and for the record? I'd have been thrilled with the meal even if it had been expensive. The best part, though, is that each of our combo plates only cost $9 Canadian. We'll definitely be going back when we next step foot in this city.

Now, I'm off to start packing while we watch the Red Sox game. When next I post to LJ, we'll be back home.

This has been a most excellent trip. :)
2007.10.30 04:09 pm (UTC)
Congratulations to you both once again, and I'm so glad to hear that you had a fabulous time in Canada. :]
2007.11.04 12:19 pm (UTC)
Two blocks from a wal-mart, eh?

also: i've added you as a friend. I hope you don't mind.
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