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Goes Nowhere, Does Nothing
Some people can't mind their own freakin' business. 
2005.01.25 12:48 pm
While waiting to cross a side street in Harvard Square to get lunch, I noticed that the car parked next to me had a note pinned under the windshield wiper. Assuming at first that the car's owner had left a note to the police begging not to be fined or towed for a violation, I glanced at it. In the half-page note (containing several sentences -- it was quite long), the author berated the owner of the car (a fairly pricey one -- an Altima or some such) for not having purchased snow tires. And I quote:
"Driving on summer tires [carat note: like yours] in the snow is like [obscured by windshield wiper]. ... If you can afford these, you can afford a set of snow tires. Don't pretend like it's OK. Are you willing to risk your life for a fashion statement?"
I really wanted to know what the part behind the wiper said, but I wasn't going to mess with someone's car to find out.

As Martin Rose put it, "Congratulations! You have officially discovered a new low point in East Coast Moral Outrage."

Oddly, the SUV parked directly in front of that car (which also did not have snow tires) had no such note on it.

(And yes... the irony of my saying people can't mind their own business, then reading a note on someone else's car, has been duly noted. But at least I'm just nosy, not pushy. ;)
(Deleted comment)
2005.01.25 10:20 am (UTC)
Never say never, but I doubt it. It was (somewhat messily) handwritten, and except for a bit in the middle (the obscured and "..." parts), that's all that the note said.
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