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Goes Nowhere, Does Nothing
A cat story (long) 
2004.01.15 06:30 pm
I've spent a whole lot of time, over the past year, reading pet shelter web sites. (First because frozencapybara and I were looking for cats to adopt, more recently because I've started helping out at the Milford Humane Society and... well, just because I can. :) The down side to this is that about a third of the animal bios on any shelter page are examples of the extreme thoughtlessness, irresponsibility, and downright idiocy of people who should never have been allowed near a cat or dog in the first place.

So, I feel the need to post this on my LJ, to remind myself that some people aren't idiots.

(EDIT: Someone else compiled them all onto one page, with photos. So I'll use that link instead, even though it does blatantly abuse the <center> tag.)

So, I present to you the ongoing saga of JMS and his cat. :)
2004.01.15 03:50 pm (UTC)
Even if I didn't already think JMS was a damn cool guy and good writer, I'd be greatly moved by the lengths to which he went to save that poor trapped kitten.

(Who proceeded to make his life more "interesting," sure, but that is the way of cats.)
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