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Goes Nowhere, Does Nothing
Interview (Part the First) 
2003.06.11 12:43 pm
Ok, here are the first round of answers to the interview questions I've been asked. (I'll return the favor sometime today.)

These answers are mostly cop-out free. Mostly. :)

From kadnkadnk:

1. What's your first memory of the Red Sox?

Hmm. I have quite a few hazy memories of Red Sox snippets and moments. Watching them rack up 20+ runs against some poor schlubs (long before that happened to teams every other week), watching Yastrzemski play (and figuring out how to spell his name without looking it up), wondering what stupid off-field thing Oil Can Boyd would do next... I honestly wasn't that into baseball for a long time, though I watched it occasionally. (My father was a Larry Bird fan, so I have more Celtics memories than Red Sox ones. :)

My earliest Red Sox memory that remains clear is the 1986 playoff run. (Not just the world series, the whole thing. Whatever happened to Dave Henderson?) I stayed up every night and actually "kept score" of all the world series games. (I had no clue how baseball scoring worked, so I just wrote it all down... I wish I still had that notebook.) And let the record show that I never placed the goat horns on Bill Buckner. I declared Bob Stanley (who I thought was useless, mainly because I knew nothing about his pre-1986 career) the goat at the time, but later came to my senses and pinned the blame squarely on Calvin "deer in the headlights" Schiraldi.

The next morning, I remember being the only student at Gardiner Area High School (possibly the only living being in New England) who was *POSITIVE* that the Sox would come back and win Game 7.

2. Purple? Why purple? What other colors have you had in your hair?

Actually, when I was working up the nerve to do it the first time, I was primarily considering dying it (or part of it) flame-red. Thankfully, it occurred to me at the last minute that I'd look terrible with bright red hair. So, blue. :)

It started out as blue in the front and black in the back... then, I got bored with that and tried purple for a couple of months. I liked it, but missed the blue (and frozencapybara claimed I was elbowing in on her purple-hair turf), so I went with the blue-fading-to-purple as an experiment. I finally bit the bullet and ditched the black (which was a pain in the ass -- black doesn't ever completely bleach out), and it's been the same (save for a handful of months when I was "between salons") since. Someday, I'll get sick of it (or the maintenance, or the expense), dye it all black, and let the brown roots grow out again. Someday.

As for why I did it... whim. The idea had appealed to me for some time, but I didn't think I'd ever do it. Then I found myself working at a startup, with a work environment more liberal and laid-back than I was used to... so, what the hell. Rumors that I do this just to get a rise out of one particular aunt are false. (I enjoy that part, yes, but it's not the only reason. ;)

3. Where did "kviri" come from as a username?

It's entirely keshwyn's fault. She had written (or was writing, or was rewriting, depending on perspective) a fanfic story with some characters based on people she knew. I had been informed that she had added a me-based character by the name of Kviri. Later on, I needed a username for something (might have been LJ, or not), and both "truss" and "aceraceae" (my standard second choice at the time) were taken... so I decided that if she could "borrow" me as a character, then I could "borrow" that character's name back for myself. :)

4. If you could do anything _as_a_living_, what would it be?

I've been pondering this one all morning... and I'm still no closer to answering it. Probably not programming, though it's a decent option. Probably not graphic design work... my self-taught, untrained style often is at odds with the way you're "supposed" to do these things, and my inspiration is way too spotty to make a living off of in any case.

I honestly, truly don't know.

5. What's the most comfortable chair you've ever sat in?

No chairs are coming to mind... but years ago, a bunch of us went with Jen Roberts (now Schongar) to her parents' house to play pool, and they owned a couch that just kind of engulfed you. I think I fell asleep on it... and I was only on it for about 60 seconds. I think they imported it from the planet Vort, the home of the universe's most comfortable couch. (Invader Zim reference.)

From lizzielizzie:

6. What would make you cut your hair to shoulder-length or shorter?

An overpowering desire to be just like solipsistnation, circa 1993? (Happy Hair Helmet, ho!)

Honestly... I don't know. I like being able to tie it back, and hate having it blow back in my face. And I don't ever plan to have bangs again. I'm sure it'll be short again someday, but I don't have a clue what would eventually prompt that change. :)

7. Would you ever pierce your ear?

Hm. Never say never, I suppose. But the idea of having holes poked in me doesn't appeal -- I'm a complete wimp.

That said, if I ever got a piercing of any kind, it'd be a plain old earlobe piercing. Anything else is (emphatically) Right Out.

8. In a fight (assuming both were still alive): Mini-Me, or Tattoo? Who would win?

Oh, Tattoo, definitely. He's one hell of a fighter. Ricardo Montalban taught him everything he knows.

(Thank you for indirectly prompting the mental image of Tattoo as Khan Noonien Singh, by the way. ;)

9. Name the worst. movie. EVAR! (must be the non-MSTed version...i.e. no saying "Manos the Hands of Fate" if you haven't sat through the non-MSTed version.)

Oo. I don't know if I can judge this... whatever it is, I don't think I've actually seen it. Everything I've heard about it (from &) tells me that Blood Waters of Dr. Z is in the running, but I can't give this "prize" to a movie based on hearsay. So, instead, let's go with the worst movie I've ever seen.


I think that would have to be Space Warriors 2000, a senselessly edited (and laughably dubbed) non-stop mishmosh of fight scene footage from every Ultraman movie that the creators could find in a vault somewhere. Derek, & and I watched it on WHLL-27's "Movies 'Til Dawn" one night and laughed ourselves sick in disbelief. (I have it on tape. :)

10. Name a few restaurant/eating out pet peeves.

Being told "the wait will be N minutes" and still not being seated after N*2 minutes.

Waitstaff that vanish for long periods of time once you get my food (so I can't get drink refills).

Waitstaff that vanish completely once they drop off the check (so I can't give them a credit card).

From mindways:

11. While you're immersed in the middle of a creative project, how do you feel?

Like I'm actually accomplishing something useful (to me, if not to anyone else). Unless I'm pressed for time, then there's anxiety mixed in. Or unless I'm hitting roadblock after roadblock, in which case I'll start cursing vociferously (albeit without much originality -- my profane vocabulary is weak) and get frustrated to the point of uselessness (to the project, and to anyone else) real fast.

12. What's something you enjoy that you'd really like to do more often?

Bowling, but I can't find any tenpin lanes around here that don't have a Fatal Flaw (in my opinion).

Road trips. I get this urge, frequently, to just say "screw it" for a while and just drive in a random direction to a place where I've never been (usually at least semi-urban, and distant). But who has the time?

I have a strange urge to try archery again. (I've only ever done it twice.) Not necessarily as a recurring event... just once would be cool.

While I'm terrible at virtually all of them, I do enjoy playing some sports... both "normal" (basketball, baseball, volleyball) and silly (kickball, etc.). But, since I got out of college, there has rarely (if ever) been an interested group of friends large enough and close enough for such an event to happen. (Even in college, it was rare.) And I'm way too self-conscious about my lack of skill to do that sort of thing with anyone but friends.

13. When did you first realize you loved frozencapybara? ("When" == "under what circumstances" in addition to actual date/time/time of year)

Umm... hmm. Sometime during the summer that she came visiting from Vassar... during one of the get-togethers at Anne's old apartment, perhaps. I really can't pin it down more closely than that. (Hey, we can't even pin down when we started dating, and believe me, we've tried. ;)

14. What are three things (not necessarily big ones) about which you're actively optimistic? (ie, your anticipations default to "solidly positive" in the absence of evidence to the contrary)

1. My relationship with frozencapybara. (How's that for a segue? ;)
2. My ability to help my friends when they most need it. (This despite bouts with self-doubt.)
3. My enjoyment of (and morale improvement as a result of) my upcoming Otakon/Ohio vacation. (Is it August yet?)

15. Of all the various production companies you have (iajomaa productions, starcrossed endeavors, single-bit error studios, etc), which name pleases you most?

Without question, Starcrossed. (Which should, technically, have a hyphen in it... but doesn't.) All the others are monikers for various types of projects (SBES and Quixotic for audio/video projects, iajomaa for my increasingly-rare LARP projects, 403 Forbidden Web Design for web projects, Twilight Sun as a catch-all)... but Starcrossed is for me.

From meranthi:

16. What was your first impression of me?

Hmm. This would be from dinnertime gatherings at Wellesley (since I didn't see much of you during TMA)...

Cheerful. Gentle. Friendly. Extremely compassionate. Silly. Huggable. (Almost said "Cuddly", which I think fits better, but I'm not sure everyone interprets that the same way. :)

17. Where would you most like to live?

I've pondered this one a lot lately, believe it or not. Two years ago, I'd have said somewhere along Route 128... but I think that's in flux. I have contradictory urges to live near and away from a city, to remain in Massachusetts and to flee to New Hampshire... and then, there's always the possibility of going somewhere totally far-flung like the Toronto area or... or I don't know where.

I'm trying not to dwell on it, at least not until frozencapybara finishes grad school and/or more of my friends figure out where they are going to end up. :)

I like green. But I like to be able to escape the green and go someplace citylike. I like to be able to drive to and from my house. I don't like living any closer to the city than I am now (so, for instance, there is no Somerville housing in my future). I'm decreasingly fond of Massachusetts' state government, though I think I'm decreasingly fond of all state governments. I don't want to go back to Maine -- not in the next decade or two, at bare minimum. (And even then, no further up than Portland.)

Ask me again in a year or two. I might even have an answer for you. :)

18. What was the stupidest thing you did as a teenager that you thought was cool at the time?

This is going into a restricted-view post. You'll understand why. ;)

19. When will money grow on trees?

October 12, 2003.

Now you know what to get me for my birthday. ;)

20. What's the most romantic thing you've ever done?

You know... I'm not really sure. I think you'd have to ask the recipients of such things. :)

(It's a copout, and I hate to say it... but I'm racking my brain, and I think of lots of little things, but I don't know what I could nominate for this.)

From keshwyn:

21. Why?

[Truss enters the room, clad entirely in purple, and sits.]

You're asking the wrong question. This is the question you should be asking:


What is the meaning of all that we call existence?

I spend a lot of time thinking about existence. I suppose there may be more productive concepts to consider, but everyone has to have their own personal hangups. And if it's all the same to you, I'd prefer that my existence not end right now.


But, even after years of uninterrupted pondering -- which doesn't pay the bills very well, I might add -- I'm still not sure what any of... well, this... [Truss makes a sweeping gesture] means.

[Sits, cross-legged.]

I'm not sure about anything, really. About life... about love... about the universe... about the little green men who come to visit me occasionally, at some of my less lucid moments.

We wander through our lives, not knowing who we are, or where we come from, or what the reason is, so we try to muddle through with cliches. You know the ones I mean. "Every person for him/herself." "If you aren't part of the solution, you're part of the problem." "All things are true, even false things." But they're all just words, none of them have any true meaning.

All except for one, that is. And it doesn't get very much press. It's a question that lies at the center of our beings: "What?"

What is the purpose of our lives? What is the reason we are here? What shall we have for lunch? What did he just say about my mother? And what should I hit him over the head with if he doesn't take it back?

What. That's the whole shebang right there, isn't it. If we could just have the answer to that one little question, everything would make so much more sense. But no one else seems to notice that all we really need is that single piece of wisdom, so they continue on, wondering about such useless concerns as why the sky isn't yellow or how to talk the Toyota salesman down another five grand. Am I the only one who realizes the pointlessness of it all?

What can I do to make you understand why we don't understand?

Don't bother to answer.

[Truss hangs his head. A man in green walks up to him, holding a banana. He hands Truss the banana and walks away.]

Oh... [brightens a bit] a banana!


(From Spilt Milk, or The Stereotypical New Voices Play: What happens when four strings walk into a bar and order banana daiquiries by Helene Andersson, Derek Bacon, Andrew Petrarca, and John Trussell. Though I wrote most of that scene, and Derek wrote the rest. :)

22. If you were stranded on a desert island with a stereo and all the food and drink you will ever need, name the five composers who's music you would want with you. (Bands are acceptible assuming that the people who are performing wrote their music.)

An April March, Colorblind, The Curtain Society, Indigo Girls, and They Might Be Giants.

(Wow. New Order fell off that list. Who'd have predicted that when I was in college? ;)

23. Assuming you could have one superpower of your choice, what would you pick?

Teleportation. (Blue smoke is optional. :)

If the writers get bored and decide they need to spruce up my character by giving him a second power, make it Flight.

24. It's noon on a saturday afternoon where everybody you know is busy, you have unlimited financial resources (for the moment), but you have to be done by 8 pm. What do you do?

If not for the 8pm deadline... attend a Red Sox game, in Seattle (Fenway is a dump, and Seattle has a good team and ballpark), via private jet and with someone else driving. But the return flight would take too long. Can I use my teleportation from Question 23?

25. Quote me some poetry?

Sorry, I can't.
Even if I wanted to.
(Don't like poetry.)

26. What's your favorite -juice-? (Orangina doesn't count. ;)

That's ok, I don't particularly like Orangina.

Probably Nantucket Nectars Orange Mango (better than straight OJ, to me, and they're finally selling it in big cartons). Pineapple, White Cranberry Strawberry/Peach, and straight Apple juices are all high on the list, but drop down the list occasionally based on mood and cravings.

From rhysara:

27. What is your dream job?

Hey, kadnkadnk already asked me this question. You forfeit this one. ;)

28. Can you drive stick shift?

Only in video games. :)

Seriously... I have a vague idea of how to do it, in an academic sense, but no hands-on experience. I have great confidence in my ability to go from 0 to a stripped clutch in 10.3 seconds.

29. What irritates you the most about frozencapybara? :)

A troublemaker, you are.

I might answer this one later, but not now. Sorry. ;)

30. Where/how did you meet frozencapybara? (yes, yes, I'm nosey, that's the point of this.)

First met her when she was a firstyear (you know, it still feels unnatural not to say "freshman"... sorry :) at Wellesley. I was visiting keshwyn and mindways (and others), and we went to the field house to shoot sticks with feathers on the end at helpless targets. I remember thinking she was attractive, energetic, funny, my type (that is, someone who could kick my ass -- really! look at my dating history :)... and way too young to even potentially be interested in me.

Thus delayed the "courtship" for a couple of years. :)

31. Do you have any idea who I am?

In a descriptive sense? Yes, I got that from frozencapybara quite a while back. In terms of what you're like in person, what you like to do in your spare time... nope. So, you should come visit Massachusetts sometime soon and rectify that. :)

2003.06.11 02:23 pm (UTC)
What do you consider to be ten-pin fatal flaws? Lanes and Games right off of Rte 2 is pretty spiffy. We should all get together and go bowling sometime.... it's been too long for me. *grin*
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